About The Perfect Plan


• In 6 Weeks,
  Ladies can lose
  16-27 lbs.,
  Men 30-45 lbs.

The Perfect Plan Weight Control System is a complete program featuring Introduction, Reduction and Lifetime Maintenance. The Perfect Plan offers one-on-one counseling with trained nutritional specialists who have also lost weight on the program. There are no supplements, prepackaged foods or contracts. Foods on the program are regular products from the grocery store. With over 200 recipes, the foods are delicious, satisfying, easy to make, as well as meals that can be served to the entire family.

There are over 30 doctors in the Evansville area who refer patients to The Perfect Plan for help with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint problems, acid reflux, and more, because we get results every time.

Our program is based on keeping the blood sugar stable, which controls hunger, cravings and boosts energy. Because of the high nutrient content, clients boast of increased energy in as little as two weeks. Ladies usually lose 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks and men 10-20.

When you tire of all the gimmicks, promises, pills, shots and failures that go along with dieting...come in and get some real help. You have nothing to lose but the weight.



Jan Samples-Schenk

Jan Samples-Schenk